Maintenance and safety go hand in hand at P.E. Kramme, Inc. A fleet must be kept in top shape in order to fulfill customer scheduling demands and to provide drivers with a "home away from home" that helps them perform their job in a professional manner.Rig entering the check-in bay

When a rig enters our terminal, it is thoroughly inspected by shop personnel. Any mechanical defect is documented and set up for repair. In the case of a pre-loaded tanker, we also check all cargo seals against the shipping papers as a second check to the one done at the time of loading.

When a rig is leaving our terminal, it is fully inspected in advance of its scheduled departure time to make certain that all vehicle systems are operational. This includes the off loading hydraulic system and the in-transit heating system. We do this so that any trouble can be diagnosed and corrected before the critical time that the rig must leave to meet customer scheduling.

We make virtually all repairs to our vehicles in house to ensure the quality of the work performed. We employ a 24-hour-a-day maintenance staff and we maintain separate heavy repair and overhaul shop in our southern New Jersey headquarters.

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