40 Modern Power Units

60 Stainless Steel Transports

The P.E. Kramme trailer fleet
Our trailer fleet features
  • Rear Discharge
  • Center Discharge
  • Air Unload
  • Two Compartment
  • Center/Rear Discharge
  • Air Suspension
  • S/S Product Discharge Pumps
  • 60' Food Grade Product Hose (or more if needed)

All of our equipment is company owned and operated and our trailers are equipped with stainless steel pumps and in-transit heating systems. Unlike many heating systems being used which simply have an ON/OFF valve or a rudimentary thermostat, our company's proprietary heat control system uses a series of thermostats and automatic control valves along with built in redundancy for reliability, to ensure that your products arrive at their destination within the proper temperature and viscosity parameters.

Our vehicles are computer dispatched with mobile communication and GPS tracking systems onboard so that we can immediately act upon a customers need for load changes or delivery information.


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