Our drivers are known throughout the industry as some of most customer-friendly and helpful people you could have transporting and protecting your product. There is good reason for this: before a driver is hired by our company, that driver must pass a complete background check that includes prior drug and alcohol use test results, current drug testing, motor vehicle record check, and past employment history, as well as a criminal history check. These checks give us the information we need to hire professionals who work at the same high level of quality as the service we provide to our customers.

After being hired, our drivers go through a comprehensive training program designed to continually pass down the knowledge and experience gained over our decades of service to our customers. They're trained on proper food handling procedures, keeping in mind that many of the products we transport will go right from the tanker into our customers' production lines. This leaves no margin for error when it comes to sanitation. Company and customer safety issues are gone over along with any customer workplace requirements or rules.

They're further trained on product-specific issues such as the effects of temperature fluctuations, proper product discharge pump speeds and techniques, and what is required to successfully deliver the cargo to the customer, with very little to no residual product remaining in the tank.

This is extremely important when the product being transported is very viscous and requires that the drivers use our on-board scraper to complete the unloading. You can rest assured that our drivers will work at ensuring that you're receiving the maximum amount of product that can be discharged from the tank.

Our drivers are as special as our reputation in the industry — they are, after all, our ambassadors to our customers.

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